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Workplace Recovery

Give us a call today at Sky Business Centres, the specialists in Workplace Recovery, where your disaster is our opportunity to help ensure your business continues to grow with confidence.

For as little as €500 per year, you can ensure that your business continues no matter the disaster with a place for your team to go, plugin and continue, all with as little as 3 hours notice.

Sky Business Workplace Recovery


Don’t Let Disaster Affect Your Business

ICT Services

Physical Workplace

Allow your personnel to keep working by relocating them to a physical workplace.
ICT Services

ICT Services

Fully equipped offices with I.T. equipment ready for you to use.
ICT Services

Phone and Data Services

Restore Your Business Connectivity with Phone and Data Services.

€500 per year*

*Price quoted based on per user per year.


All You Need To Keep Your Business Running

ICT Services

Physical Workplace Locations

Pick from three ideal locations for your Workplace Recovery Office. Give your staff the comfort of knowing there is an office ready and waiting in the event of a disaster.
ICT Services

Secured Parking

Our centres in Clonshaugh and Damastown, located at Port Tunnel Business and Technology Park and Plato Business Park respectively, have dedicated parking spaces for all companies staying with Sky Business Centres.
ICT Services

Mobile Workplace Recovery

Need a workplace recovery solution that comes to you and saves the hassle of relocating? Our mobile workplace recovery option will have your company back in action with minimal downtime.
ICT Services

ICT Equipment

Recovery Workstations with IPT phone, Data connections and P.C’s.
ICT Services

WiFi Access

As well as high speed Ethernet we also offer WiFi for visiting clients.
ICT Services

BCP Web Hosting

We can provide web-hosting platforms as part of your business continuity plan.
Personalised Call Answering for your Office

Emergency Receptionist

To save your clients and customers from extra wait time during the recovery, we offer an emergency receptionist to cover all phone calls and queries while you are busy.
Dedicated IP

Dedicated DDI and IP

Every workstation you require will have a dedicated ISDN telephone number, which is activated all year round and can be used when redirecting calls from your original telephone number, via your telecoms provider.
Data Centre Services

Data Centre Services

Let us handle your data! Whether it’s big or small, we have the server space to make sure your data is safe.

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