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A virtual office in Ireland and your business. Because the United Kingdom is no longer part of the EU, companies within it are no longer eligible to freely do business in EU member countries. While it’s still possible for UK-based businesses to do business within EU countries, there are now many more obstacles to doing so.

This is why there has been an increase in UK-based businesses purchasing a virtual office in Ireland. Wondering about the specific benefits of a virtual office in Dublin? Then read on because we’re going to discuss them below.

A Low Corporation Tax Rate

If your business is a corporation, you have to pay corporation tax. This is a tax levied on the income that your business brings in.

Corporation tax rates vary greatly throughout Europe. In the United Kingdom, the current corporation tax rate is 25%. In Ireland, on the other hand, the corporation tax rate is at just 12.5%.

So, if you’re running a UK business, you could save a substantial amount of money by simply establishing a business presence in Ireland. You can do this easily by purchasing a virtual office.

A Meeting Place in Ireland

When you purchase a virtual office in Ireland, you have the option to purchase meeting room space along with it. So, if you wanted to, for example, meet with Irish clients or partners, you could do so in this meeting space.

The alternatives to this are to either have them come to you, or to rent space separately from the space included with a virtual office. The former isn’t always feasible. The latter is going to cost you additional money that won’t also include a virtual address.

In short, if you’re looking for a business-appropriate meeting place in Ireland, strongly consider purchasing a virtual office in Dublin. 

Business Laws That Are Similar to Those in the United Kingdom

Another reason to purchase a virtual office in Dublin when working from home in the United Kingdom is that Ireland’s business laws are very similar to those in the UK. Therefore, if you’re considering purchasing a virtual office in an alternative country, you should really think about going with an Irish option instead.

For instance, in the UK, a business is set up through the Company’s House. In Ireland, a business is set up through the Companies Registration Office. These two institutions, more or less, function in the same way.

Tax rules in the two countries are similar as well. In fact, tax deadlines come at about the same time as well.

You open up a business bank account in essentially the same way in both countries. As such, it’s an instinctual process for a UK-based business owner.

Do you have company policies that are written to cater to UK laws? These policies should transfer seamlessly to Ireland, as the country’s business laws are extremely similar to the UK’s.

Virtual office in Dublin for UK Companies

A Heightened Sense of Legitimacy

Maybe you work exclusively inside of your home? Perhaps you have a physical location in the UK but none in Ireland? In either case, buying a virtual office in Ireland would give your business a heightened sense of legitimacy.

While working out of your home might be legitimate in terms of the validity of your business, to some, it’s seen as “less than” when compared to working out of a dedicated business property. The same goes for having a physical address in the UK. It’s still obviously valid but might be looked down on by potential customers and business partners in Ireland.

This is where the virtual office comes in. To an outsider, a virtual office looks like any other office. It comes with a legitimate address and therefore possesses the appearance of a physical address when searched for online.

In essence, if you want your business to have as much credibility as possible, consider purchasing a virtual office.

A Larger Talent Pool to Draw From

As a business owner, you want to hire the most capable employees possible. The issue is that it’s often difficult to hire employees who reside outside of the country in which your business is located.

So, for example, if you’re located in the UK, you’ll have to jump through many hoops in order to employ, for example, Irish residents. That’s unless you set up a virtual office in Ireland.

With a virtual office present in Ireland, you’ll be able to hire Irish residents with few restrictions. In effect, you’ll increase the size of your talent pool and will have more viable candidates to draw from.

A Variety of Other Services

When you purchase a virtual office, you generally get a variety of other services along with it. For instance, you may get the capabilities to establish a virtual meeting setup. As noted above, you might even get limited use of physical office space.

Other features you might receive include call answering, call management, a business telephone number, mail handling services, and more.

Interested in Purchasing a Virtual Office in Ireland?

What do you say? Are you interested in purchasing a virtual office in Ireland? If so, look no further than Sky Business Centres.

We offer not only virtual offices but call answering services, mail handling services, physical meeting rooms, and more. If you’re looking to establish a business address in the EU or Ireland specifically, we have you covered.

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