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Virtual Office in Dublin

Work from anywhere – whenever, wherever

A Virtual Office Dublin package is an excellent choice for people working from home, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, and international companies looking to establish a corporate presence in Ireland.

Sky Business Centres Virtual Offices in Dublin provide professional remote working facilities, Mail Handling, Telephone Answering and much more, with a choice of 3 great Dublin locations.

Virtual Office Dublin with Meeting Room Included

Why Choose Sky Business Centres?

Business Address Dublin

Business Address – Dublin business address for your website, brochures and business cards.

Registered Business Address Dublin

Registered CRO Address –  This is the address of a company to which CRO correspondence and all formal legal notices addressed to the company will be sent.

No set-up fee for a Dublin Business address

No Set-up Fee – on our virtual office packages, get up and running with no fuss in a couple of hours.

Virtual Office Mail Handling for your Business address Dublin

Mail Handling – Mail handling according to your instructions for letters and small packages.

Personalised Call Answering service

Call Answering – A phone call is a very important first impression. We answer and direct your calls

Customised Virtual Office Dublin

Customised Plans – choose from plans that include CRO business address, personalised call answering, start up and corporate membership

Meeting rooms Available in Dublin

Meeting Rooms – Our meeting and conference rooms are bright, modern and neatly arranged and are avaliable for hire.

Eco Friendly Virtual Offices
Eco Friendly – Work from anywhere and reduce your impact on the environment from unnecessary travel.

How a Virtual Office Dublin package can help your business

Make remote working easier and hassle free

We have 4 virtual office Dublin packages to choose from

Virtual Office Business Address Dublin

Business Address

Dublin business address (choice of 3 locations) and mail handling service.


  • Post handling according to your instructions
  • Dublin, Ireland address for your start-up/existing business
  • 2 hours Hot Desk per month
  • Use of meeting rooms, offices and hot desks
Call Answering

Call Answering

A personalised call answering and  professional call management service


  • Unique telephone number
  • Live personalised telephone answering service
  • Call management as per your instructions
  • 2 hours Hot Desk per month
  • Use of meeting rooms, offices and hot desks

Start-up Member

Registered Dublin business address, call answering & mail handling service


  • Unique telephone number
  • Can be used as a Registered Office – CRO Address
  • Live personalised telephone answering service
  • Call management as per your instructions
  • 5 hours Hot Desk per month
    (in any of our 3 centres – subject to availability)
  • Use of meeting rooms, offices and hot desks
Corporate Member

Corporate Member

Registered Dublin business address, call answering, courier and parcel handling


  • Unique telephone number
  • Can be used as a Registered Office – CRO Address
  • Live personalised telephone answering service
  • Call management as per your instructions
  • 10 hours Hot Desk per month
    (in any of our 3 centres – subject to availability)
  • Use of meeting rooms, offices and hot desks
  • 4 hours meeting room time p/m
    (max 2 persons)

Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual office?

A Virtual office in Dublin provides businesses and home workers with a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of long leases and administrative staff. You can work remotely but still have a mailing and business address, call answering service and the use of meeting rooms.

What are the advantages of a virtual office?

There are many advantages of a virtual office which include a professional business address in Dublin, which can be put on your website, business cards and letterheads and can be registered at the CRO office.

In addition, you can have a professional call answering service with a unique telephone number where we can answer your calls for you. Meanwhile your post can be received at your virtual office business address with our post handling & mail forwarding service. We can even scan your post and forward it to you instantly via email. That’s just to mention a few!

Who uses a virtual office?

A virtual office can be used by many types of businesses, but smaller organizations tend to utilize them more often. These businesses include freelancers, home workers, start-ups, SME’s, and established businesses looking to expand and to increase their online presence. In addition, overseas firms can test the water locally with a business address in Ireland or a Virtual Office Dublin business address.
If you are working from home, you may not want your home address to be visible online so a virtual office business address is more secure.

Virtual Office Process

Choose of 4 virtual office packages

Choose a Service

Verify Identity

Verify Your Identity

Welcome Aboard

Welcome Onboard

Make a great first impression with a Virtual Office Dublin

Our Virtual Offices are located in Dublin, close to Dublin city centre and make remote working easy, helping your employees stay safe and productive. We have four different Virtual Office Dublin packages available which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Our locations will help cut down on your commute time, whilst increasing productivity allowing you to spend more time on your business and less time on the road.

Our highly trained team members will answer all your calls and manage your post providing you with professional services at a fraction of the cost. Sign up with us today and have your Virtual Office setup in under an hour.

Virtual offices have traditionally been used by businesses who want to create a great impression for their customers but without the high costs of renting physical office space. So even though you’re working from a different location or from your kitchen table, your official office headquarters is a real and professional business address that you can publish on your website and where you can meet your customers and get your post.

Not all business can be done without face-to-face meetings so our virtual office services are also popular with freelancers and start-ups who need easy access to meeting rooms or day offices. Business Address in Ireland is also used by established businesses looking to develop or grow their geographical location within Ireland.


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