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Virtual Office Dublin

Are you a start-up business trying to keep your costs low?

Are you working from home and need a professional identity?

Or are you operating from outside Ireland and need an un-staffed presence here?

If so, a Sky Virtual Office provides you with:


Making Everything Run Smoothly!

 – Office and Meeting rooms as and when you need them for occasional visits

– A prestigious business address in Dublin, Ireland

– A personalised Telephone Answering service

– Telephone calls forwarded to your own office, anywhere in the world

– Mail and Fax Receipt and Forwarding

We have great options to choose from

1 Month FREE on all our Virtual Office Packages – CALL +353 1 885 1700


What your business can’t do without!

Virtual Office Dublin

Virtual Concierge Services

Our concierges service focuses on client relations and administration, performing tasks like creating client welcome packets, purchasing gifts or reserving tickets to events, planning weddings and parties and much more.


Registered CRO Address

The Companies Registration Office(CRO) requires all incorporated companies to have a Registered Office. This is the address of a company to which CRO correspondence and all formal legal notices addressed to the company will be sent.

Bank Lodge Service

Bank Lodgement Service

We all know that banks are making it more and more difficult for you to lodge cheques. Yes, cheques are still out there, it’s not all electronic yet! Most of the outside bank lodgement facilities are now gone for after-hours lodgements.

No Set-up Fee

No Set-up Fee

No need to worry about any hassle from set-up fees. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your virtual office up and running or move into your new office space.

Virtual Office Dublin Postsal Service

Post Handling

As part of our full suite of Secretarial Support at Sky BC we file all the post that you receive and inform you by text or email immediately if a message for you has come through our door.

Data Centre Services

Data Centre Services

Let us handle your data whether its big or small we have the server space to make sure your data is safe.


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