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Pictures for Ukraine

We will be selling  a selection of framed images between now and Christmas. They will be on display at all Sky Business Centres. All proceeds will go directly to a charity based in Western Ukraine helping children who have suffered physical and psychological trauma as a direct result of Russian aggression. 

The photography is by Pat Walsh, Ceo of Sky Business Centres. Pat is a keen photographer and an active member of Dublin Camera Club. The images will be printed in Limerick and framed with love by hand using real wood and glass frame sets supplied by Acorn Framing in Dublin.

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Framing and Printing costs have been covered by a donation of €2,000.00 from Sky Business Centres so the full price less any card processing fees will go directly to Ukraine. 

Some of the images have received awards this year and many have been received well locally and throughout Ireland. 

The framed images can be signed, packaged and gift wrapped and collected at a Sky Business Centre before Christmas. They will be ready for wall mounting and cost between €155.00 and € 290.00 depending on the size chosen. A Receipt can be provided for Business purposes if needed.

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They will make an ideal ready to go Christmas gift or a very special piece of local photography art for your own home or business.  

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