Sky Business Centres upgrades firewalls to protect our three business centres
and clients from increasing risks of harmful cyber-attacks

Cyber Security Upgrades

As cyber-attacks increase, cybercriminals are more inventive and opportunistic than ever before. As a result, Sky Business Centres has successfully upgraded its Zyxel firewalls to mitigate against potential cyber-attacks in our three business centres, Blanchardstown, Clonshaugh and Clontarf.

We are protecting our business and our clients from damaging cyber-attacks that can cause catastrophic harm, including financial liability, psychological injury, reputational damage, social and societal harm, as well as physical and digital harm.

Every week, the news is full of new ransomware attacks. It has devastating effects: massive ransomware demands, downtime and business disruption, reputation damage, data loss, and in many cases, attackers auction off sensitive company data.


Cost of cybercrime to the Irish economy

Cybercrime cost the Irish economy €9.6 billion last year, according to a new study by Grant Thornton. In total, ransomware attacks cost €2 billion alone, as well as the costs associated with fixing them. In addition, €1.3 billion was spent on computer viruses and €1 billion was spent on phishing.

Ireland experienced a 50% increase in online crime in 2020. In addition, recent high profile ransomware attacks against the HSE reported a ransom demand of €20 million to restore its services. This attack resulted in replacing over 30,000 devices worth about €30m.

The HSE further investment in replacing and upgrading the affected systems and other expenses would bring the total cost to an estimated €530 million.

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly increased the number of people working from home, which has led to an increase in cyber-attacks against organisations.

Zyxel and Sky Business Centres

We must unite our efforts

In the wake of recent high-profile cyber-attacks within the U.S. against Colonial Pipeline Co, JBS and European Axa, the battle to combat ransomware has intensified globally.

Today’s digital age makes no company immune to cybercriminals. As a result, European leaders announced measures to counter ransomware attacks at the recent G-7 and NATO summits.

The new Article 5 stipulates that cyber attacks against one member nation are also attacks against all member nations. Therefore, every business must remain vigilant and protect itself from cyber attacks by monitoring and upgrading systems to be cyber secure.

Sky Business Centres has taken measures to safeguard our three business networks from potential cyber threats.  However, as a result we are not responsible for our clients’ business networks when using mobile, laptops, and desktop PCs.

Therefore, clients are responsible for the security of their networks; they should have their own Incident Response Plan, Configuration Management Plan, and Disaster Recovery Plan in the event of a cyber incident.

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