Sky Business Centres ensures a safe working environment for all our customers, staff and visitors as we work alongside this global pandemic. We aim to help our clients run their businesses healthily and safely at all times.These measures comply with the HSE guidelines.

Working Together

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact daily life, we are implementing hygiene and physical distancing measures across our business centres as recommended by the HSE.

We have taken steps to adapt physical distancing and how people move around our centres and signage and protocols to help ensure minimal person-to-person contact.

Our Action Plan

Health and safety is our priority and our plan will encourage social distancing with increased levels of cleaning and sanitising to help keep our work environment virus free.

Below is a list of measures we have taken to comply with the HSE to improve our workplace and carry on with our daily lives.

Keeping Everyone Safe

All Serviced Offices in Dublin have Cleaning Included

Increased Cleaning

We are increasing frequency of cleaning and sanitisation across our centres. Cleaning checklists will be completed by our onsite teams.

Meeting rooms Available in Dublin

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms will be adjusted to comply with social distancing and safety, reducing capacity and duration.

Reception Screens

Reception Screens

For extra safety there will be mounted screens on reception desks to protect our staff, customers and visitors.

Hand Sanitiser to prevent covid-19

Sanitiser Stations

Hand sanitisers will be placed at entrances and on walls throughout  our centres, placed near bathrooms and main general areas to encourage usage.

Fresh Air Extract to reduce covid-19

Fresh Air Extract

Increasing the fresh air supply and extract in our centres, where possible, and with as much outside air as possible to reduce airborne transmissions.

Hand Washing to prevent the spread of covid-19

Always Remember

Since the pandemic started we have always been told rule #1 wash your hands regularly, please continue to do so to stop the spread.

Protective Equipment against covid-19

Protective Equipment

PPE (optional) will be available in the reception area for all staff, customers and visitors to our centres, containing face masks and disposable gloves.

Covid-19 Signage at Sky Business Centres


Fixed signage located around our centres to encourage social distancing and best cleaning practice to help stop the spread of the virus.

Floor Markings

Social Distancing

Fixed floor markings to encouraging social distancing, safe use of spaces and one way system.

Covid-19 Free Alerts Service

Please subscribe to the free Komeer Covid-19 alerts service which provides verified communications and information from the HSE, Department of Health Northern Ireland and Mental Health Ireland.

To subscribe to Covid-19 on the Komeer App:

  1.  Download the Komeer app if you do not have the app installed.
  2.  Tap on menu and then Groups.
  3.  Key in ‘Cov’ and ‘Covid-19 will appear on Groups list.
  4.  Subscribe to join

Link to the App Store to download Komeer app

Link to Google Play Store to download Komeer app


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